Siege of Charleston

Wendseday, May 6, 1780

Charlestown, South Carolina

The Siege of Charleston began march 29. Great Britain’s two commanders were Sir Henrey Clinton and Admiral Mariot Arbuthnot. Sadly the Americans only had one commander Benjamin Lincon present in South Carolina. 76 colonist were killed and 182 were wounded! 92 of the british soldiers were killed and 140 were wounded.4650 colonist were captuered.vThe british tried to sneek through the woods to get to Charlestown but failed.there were 260 guns on water and 70 on land for the americans. Great britain won. It was the greatest loss of manpower and equitment. It also gave compleat controle of the southern colonies.

Patriot Poem

         He was elected first cheif for the supream court.

             John was elected president of congress.

                             John was a founding father.

                           he resisted independence.

                     John Jay

   John was spanish.

                       joined american peace comission.

                          he tried not to rely on france.

          he became a U.S minister and preached to france

2017 : New Years Post

It`s now 2017. Now it`s time for a new start! I`m hoping that I only get 1 mark a month. I can`t wait until summer! My birthday is ONE day sooner. Yay , :l . Soon i will be in the 6th grade. Hopefully.? I plan to save 200 dollars this year. Also I plan to , deal with my anger problem. Lastly I plan to , take over the world. Just kidding. I plan to keep my room clean. This will be a (hopefully) great year!

pearl harbor/facts/reaction

Here are some interesting facts about pearl harbor.

Pearl harbor was attacked on December  7th by Japan during world war ll. 3,600 lives were lost. Japan thought it would stop america from joining the war but that`s what caused us to join the war.10 ships were sunk in total 4 battle ships, 4 submerines , and 2 others.if it wasn`t for pearl harbor we would most likely would not have joined the war.this was a devestateing thing that i hope neverhappens agian